Historical records indicate rearing in Malacca has been around since the golden age of Melaka Government in the 15th century. The importance of farming to the community has prompted Sultan Mahmud Shah to establish rules of "Malacca Code" (1422-1444) about it. Yet the historical record of the service is only available in 1902 with an appointment as Inspector of Veterinary W.Pereyra GBVC Straits Settlement government during that time.

At this time in Melaka, other than the Department of Veterinary Services, there are also

• Dairy Industry Service Centre - Alor Gajah, Jasin, Masjid Tanah, Merlimau and Ayer Keroh

• Milk Quality Control Laboratory - Alor Gajah

• Slaughterhouse - Ayer Keroh, Alor Gajah, Masjid Tanah and Jasin

• Poultry Training Centre - Masjid Tanah

That plays a role in the development of the livestock industry.

Along with the increasingly rapid development has prompted the development of animal husbandry towards a more intensive and technologically advanced and equipped with eco-friendly features. An effort to meet the needs of this environment has been successfully presented this State as a producer of chicken eggs and chicken meat production are not only meet local needs but are able to be exported. While other livestock industry is growing to meet local needs.

Application of values will remain high quality of the Veterinary Services Department of Malacca and expected it to be a catalyst for the production of livestock feed industry.


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