Efforts to achieve the vision of the Develop State of Melaka 2010, requires the livestock industry to grow in line with the development towards the formation of a developed state. Apart from continuing to increase food production in order to achieve the status of animal-based food producer State, the industry must continue to keep livestock disease-free status and practice of Good Farming Practice (Good Animal Husbandry Practice).

As an agency responsible for animal health and the development of livestock and poultry industry base in Malacca, the Department strives to provide information, and provides a fast service and meets the needs of its customers, the farmers, the private sector and any other government agencies related to economic projects involving livestock.

This website will be constantly updated in terms of content, appearance and ease deal available. It is now loaded with information on livestock and livestock-based industries as well as the results, veterinary services, training and others who might be expected to meet your needs and will continue to benefit the customers of the Department. The views and / or ideas that build on the development of industry and services are welcome to enable the industry to continue to expand and / or the Department can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery service.

I hope that through this website and the Department of Department of customers can be together, bring energy and ideas, and in the further development of livestock and poultry industry base in Malacca.





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