• Provide veterinary extension services.

• Managing, storing, processing, and marketing of milk.

• Coordinate the milk payment to PPIT Melaka paid to farmers through the Multipurpose Cooperative Dairy Malacca.


For more information, please contact:

Alor Gajah District: En Mohd Noor B Awab

                                                              06-556 2008

Jasin District: En Mohd Bin Hj. Adam

                                                              06-529 1352

Masjid Tanah: Mr. Murugan a / l Kantasamy

                                                              06-384 5750

Merlimau: Mr. Azizul bin pelagic

                                                              06-263 1319



1. To receive milk from farmers within the prescribed acceptance condition to pass the following tests:

• organoleptic tests

• Test alcohol / pH

• Test SG (Priority comparative)

• Test SNF (solid non-fat milk)

2. Payment of milk yield is determined by grade, based on the quality of milk and hygiene set. Payment will be made at the latest at 10 th day of the following month.

3. Approval of the application will be notified in the purchase of cattle went through three months of closing, provided that:

• The details required are regularly

• Compliance with the terms of the complete application


4. Supply of cattle to farmers will be made within three months of the date of approval depends on:

• Stocks of cattle suitable for distribution

• The ability of the applicant to provide infrastructure

• The ability of the applicant to provide the financial resources

5. Always willing to deliver services on the ground in 2 hours (during working hours) after receiving the request


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