• Running the milk composition analysis test and a bacteriological examination of milk samples above.

• Issuing decisions mposisi exam ko analysis bacteriological examination of milk and milk through
   Perkhidmatan center Tenusu industry.

• Carrying out a study and investigation in connection with tenusu hooks and science penternakan
   amnya basis.

Further information, please contact:

Pn Rosnaini Bt Ali
(06- 556 4597)

Customer Charter

• Receiving fresh milk and milk process from customer to test the quality escort

• Running the tests escort qualities for fresh milk and dairy process:

# Activity-activity test Jangkamasa required
1 Exam determination of the composition of milk 1 Day
2 Exam estimate of the number of bacteria (TPC) 4 Days
3 Exam methylene blue test reductase (MBRT) 1 Day
4 Exam determination of residual antibiotics (Delvotest) 1 day

Decision of the test lab to customers:

  • exam composition
  • TPC exam
  • exam MBRT
  • Exam residual antibiotics


1 day
5 days
1 day
1 day



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