Provide veterinary services effective and efficient for customers to control breeding activities through the enforcement of existing laws in line with current developments and ensure that animal products are pure, clean and safe for human consumption as well as the welfare of the animals themselves.


Live: farmers, entrepreneurs and owners of animals.

Indirectly: State and Federal Departments, Public

Licensing activities were Poultry Farm, registration-related activities Veterinary Services Complaints Livestock and Poultry Farm Certification.


• Ensure that all poultry farms (farm exports) in Melaka audited for certification SALT

• Processing applications to become an importer of livestock breeders of ruminants in Melaka.

• Ensure that premises registration system in the E-Permit 2 done in each region and headquarters

• Run / enforce licensing activities poultry farms under the provisions of the Poultry Farming Enactment 2009

• Updating the status of drug use in veterinary clinics and pharmacies in the area / areas including the use of illegal drugs on the premises of livestock

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Siti Hafizah bt. Mohd Salleh

Ms. Hayatunnisak bt. Talibin

(06-2325102 / 06-2325103)


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