• Prevention, diagnostic apparatus, control and eradication of infectious diseases, zoonotic and thataffecting the production and productivity of livestock.
  • veterinary health services, surgical and clinical services.
  • Issuance of licenses, import / export of animals and animal products as well as a health certificate.


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  1. Ensure livestock herd health activities are implemented according to the annual schedule.
  2. Ensuring Certificate Farm Practices Scheme (SALT) can be issued to the farms breed, broiler and layer each year.
  3. Answer RBPT test results can be issued within 3 days in the Mini Lab after it is received.
  4. Answer laboratory on samples sent samples will be distributed to officers guard the area / areas for action.
  5. Samples received will be sent to the Veterinary Laboratory in Petaling Jaya, Selangor within 3 days after its adoption.
  6. Permit will be issued within 2 working days of receipt of the application, if the application is complete information.


Action Plan for Disease Control & Eradication Livestock Herd Health Unit for 2007
Livestock Movement Permit Application Procedure & Materials Animals
Periodic inspection and Livestock Farm Accreditation For Certification SALT


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