• To provide the slaughter of livestock.

• Producing livestock products that clean, fresh and safe to eat.

• Ensure products are issued free of dangerous diseases.

• Report illnesses stumbled to a related party.


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Rabayah Bte Attan

(06-232 4542)



• We will ensure the safety of livestock and carcass when they are in abattoirs.

• All livestock and carcasses will be examined according to the methods specified in the manual work procedures abattoirs.

• All carcasses and offal produced from abattoirs will certainly clean, fresh and safe to eat.

• All livestock is slaughtered according to Islamic law (halalan thoiyiban).


Livestock Entry Requirements

• Anyone who wants to get service abattoirs must apply for registration as an operator.

• Livestock brought into abattoirs should be checked first by the JPV Officer of the District or Region and certified healthy and free from any contagious disease.

• Livestock brought in must be accompanied by the following certificates:

      • Certificate of Health and

     • Letter of Authorization Livestock Transfer between states or

     • Permit / Certificate Import / Export is removed from the quarantine station.

• Comply with the entry of livestock, between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm.

• Livestock brought into abattoirs are not allowed to be carried out except with the written consent of the Manager abattoirs.

• Operators responsible for reducing livestock into pens / cages and controlling degradation in a way that does not endanger workers and personnel abattoirs.

• Mark each animal when lowered into captivity.

• Do not keep animals in cages for more than 48 hours.

• Operator is responsible for disposing of dead livestock in the barn / enclosure or pay the cost of disposing of disposal if the department.

• operators are liable to pay compensation for any damage to property caused by negligence abattoirs.

• Where the same vehicle used for transporting livestock, the operator must ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle as well as aluminum or stainless steel containers for transporting carcasses.

• Operation of slaughter at the moment are:

       • Monday to Saturday: 6.00 am - 12.00 pm

       • Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

• Compliance with regulatory and other requirements issued from time to time.


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