• Control and eradication of the disease.

• treatment services and consultancy.

• The development of the livestock industry.

• Production of veterinary health certificate.

• Service animal clinic.


For more information, please contact:


Alor Gajah: Mr Amran Bin Zainal Maniam

                                                                06-556 1249

Jasin: Mr. Syed Putra Naufal b. Syed Ja'afar

                                                                06-529 1252

Melaka Tengah: Ms. Hayatunnisak bt. Talibin

                                                                06-232 0273

Masjid Tanah: Mr. Jaafar Bin Kechut

                                                                06-384 5750

Merlimau: Mr. Muhammad Fairuz b. Ibrahim

                                                                06-263 1246



1. We are determined to serve you for any service in the office within half an hour and the foreign service, the service will be provided on the same day or the next working day depending on the importance of the case.

2. The appointment of veterinary development program will be on schedule.


Conditions Production Veterinary Health Certificate (VHC)

1. Livestock must be healthy and approved by the local veterinary service officer.

2. Livestock vaccination was injected with Foot and Mouth Disease. For movements in and out of the state of Malacca.

3. Production SKV tuk movement out of the Melaka state depends on admission and conditions of the destination country.

4. VHC is only valid for one trip only and within 1 day.

5. A charge of RM10 will be charged for each SKV.


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